When a product is at the top of its class for the last 10 years and still continues to gain respect from the biggest part of rib-friends, then it is definitely worth paying attention to.


In 2010, I had the chance to make a trip to Corsica with the Shearwater 860 Rib, covering a total of 2000 nautical miles in twenty days. After such a long journey, I learned Shearwater very well, which was tested really hard several times even in particularly tough seas.
The excellent quality of its construction, its extremely soft ride and the lovely moments in the seemingly small cabin are some of the points I highly appreciated in this sport-cabin inflatable boat.

The new Shearwater 890 CC is the evolution of Shearwater 860, an original English inflatable boat still, with an intense Mediterranean style.

A style that reached a very high level after endless hours of study, designing, and continuous improvements by its creator, Mr. Themis Kouris, whose inexhaustible passion is imprinted on every detail of the boat.


Hull’s features

The hull of Shearwater 890 CC is exactly the same as the one of 860, without any difference neither at its length or its individual characteristics. A classic English-style Deep V hull with clean lines designed to behave very well in tough seas offering ultra-soft damping and particularly dry ride.

The hull was designed by Mike Ring and then accepted some really special modifications so as to achieve even more smooth ride at the special Aegean sea conditions.

At the transom area the hull ends up to a 24-degree deadrise providing a very smooth ride in rough water, since the hull knifes the waves without pounding at all.
At each side of it we can distinguish a quite high chine with negative inclination able to hold the spray down and also to generate the appropriate lift.


There are two spray rails on each side, the highest of which reaches the transom while the lower one stops quite away from it, allowing the bow standing high from the water.

On the deck

The excellent finish of the gel coat and the high grade materials are obvious at first glance. The top quality fabrics of the seats and cushions, grab handles, cleats and fairleads, switches and instruments, combined with the intense color combinations of anthracite and black, constitute a very attractive set.
On the deck of Shearwater 890 CC we find all those modifications that differentiate it from our well known 860. The total redesign and rebuilding of the stern -which allows the use of inboard engine-, the updated helmseats, the stylish wetbar, the dashboard’s redesign and all these with the new materials and colours made the new Shearwater 890 CC.

Of course, first of all we will focus on the sleek console-cabin, which is primarily responsible for Shearwater’s distinct personality, matching with harmony the sporty character of the rib.


Located centrally, it leaves very comfortable and teak-lined passages at the level of tubes, both port and starboard sides, allowing the easy movement from the stern to the bow and vice versa.

Located centrally, it leaves very comfortable and teak-lined passages at the level of tubes, both port and starboard sides, allowing the easy movement from the stern to the bow and vice versa.

With internal dimensions of 2.40m x 1.70m and a maximum height of 1.60m – without the two central cushions – the cabin provides enough space that can accommodate comfortably two adults or even with one child if necessary.

Underneath the two central interior cushions (of the cabin bed) there are two large, additional storage spaces, in the first of which a marine toilet can be installed.

Apart from a room for rest or overnight, the clever designed console-cabin is a very valuable place where we can protect ourselves from bad weather; we can change clothes, read a book or even use it as a huge storage area for keeping our personal belongings safe and dry.


The cabin will be invaluable when traveling with our young children, allowing them to play or sleep inside, fully protected while at the same time we can easily supervise them from the helm seats.

Another very important benefit of the console-cabin and the circular windshield on its roof is the high protection to the helm position when riding in tough weather conditions from both the air and the unwanted spray.

Even when the conditions become harder, we can simply erect the clever designed spray-hood, which is exactly in front of the windshield, allowing us to continue our trip really protected.

The stainless grab rail which is located a few centimetres above the windscreen, following its shape, provides a very significant support in all kinds of riding, in every weather condition.

The dashboard has been properly designed in its latest detail. It has all the required space to accept each navigation unit and is made with the appropriate inclinations so as the positions of the steering wheel, the controls and the instruments to be operational for the helmsman.

The stainless helm seats are particularly functional giving perfect driving position and allow us to drive with the same comfort either standing or sited. Just behind them the stylish wetbar lies equipped with a sink, refrigerator and a very cleverly designed recessed table.

The bow area, beneath the sundeck, includes a large locker consisting of two separate compartments in the front of which the electric anchor windlass is housed.


In the renewed aft end of the rib, where most modifications have been made, we find an independent and comfortable bench seat for four people, behind of which the large sundeck of the stern is located.
Underneath the sundeck, there is a plenty of storage place where there are the electrical boards in absolute order, the rear fuel tank and, if we wish, there is the ability to install a marine toilet too.

Of course, there is also the appropriate room for installing an inboard diesel engine, if desired.

Further back we meet the large, teak-lined bathing platform and the necessary space for an auxiliary outboard engine.



At sea

A Verado 350hp outboard engine was mounted on the Shearwater’s transom, equipped with a18″ Eco Enertia 3-blade propeller which offered a more economical and fast ride at midrange rpm than a high top speed.
On the water, Shearwater 890 CC showed us once again how fast it can travel, comfortably and dry, even in tough weather conditions.

Returning from Kea Island to Lavrio the waves were coming on starboard quarter and the wind was reaching 5 Beaufort. Adjusting the jackplate to its lowest position and having the trim slightly positive I was keeping the hull out of the water and the bow quite high.

I pushed the throttle forward and I was holding with both of my hands the steering wheel, pushing the rib several times to its limits. The hull was constantly on the air and we looked like we were flying in a plane higher from the sea surface.


With Shearwater flying from wave to wave, I was totally concentrated in the rib handling without even looking at the instruments to see how fast we were riding.

Once again, I realized the excellent Shearwater’s ride quality and its rapid ability to respond in every abrupt handling. In spite the strong wind, our ride was totally dry and the depreciations were incredibly soft, while not even for once did we landed with the side of the hull without pounding despite the high speed.

Despite the heavy loads, we wanted to take some measurements and so we passed behind Sounio Cape which protected us from the tough weather.

The economical cruising speed of the Shearwater 890 CC is around 30 – 35 knots consuming 1.3 – 1.6 lt / nm depending on the loads, the engine and the propeller while its top speed exceeds the respectable limit of 50 knots.


Shearwater 890 CC is a product of continuous search and refinement and the larger version of Shearwater 860 having exactly the same hull. The finishing is excellent and the build quality is among the best of its category.

There is no doubt that Shearwater 890 CC is one of the most good-looking boats in the international market, keeping the design lines of a pure rib which combines luxury, comfort, ergonomics and safety.

Ideal for the “lovers” of the open rib, who have the need of a closed, safe and dry – but not tight – room for living and overnight, and they are not also font of large cabins which restrict their visual horizons when riding.

It can travel especially fast and economically with only one engine, be transported over long distances on a trailer, while its launching in and out is an easy process.

Considering all the above mentioned, combined with its specially soft and dry ride and its ability to travel with safety for long distances, even in bad weather conditions, then we can easily realize why it is still so attractive and at the top for ten consecutive years.



…keep Ribbing!